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Public utility companies are the organizations that maintain the infrastructures for a public service ranging from electricity, water, gas, to internet and cable connectivity. 


Having the most vital and important role in the community, these companies take their responsibility seriously to keep their services reliable and alive at all times. 


In the Philippines, Delnet delivers guaranteed communications availability to utility companies, mass transportation and other public service organizations to ensure non interrupted service for their operations.  


Our Tetra System is globally regarded as the industry standard Mission Critical

Communications System and Unified Messaging Service for airports, mass transportation, emergency response and security services. Delnet is the recognized Philippine leader in Tetra technology with long standing experience in the deployment and operations of these networks.


Recently, Delnet won a multi year contract with the largest power distribution company in the Philippines.

Delnet was selected to design, deploy and continually support  many dozens of tetra base stations across Metro Manila and nearby provinces. That network is now fully up and running to the complete satisfaction on our client.


In the last decade, Delnet has become the implementation partner of the two leading telco companies in the Philippines.


Delnet has delivered and maintained many hundreds of satellite sites across the country.  These satellite sites generally serve as the interim telecom network solution in locations where a terrestrial or fiber network is not yet available. These satellite sites provide cellular backhaul, wifi access as well as enterprise connectivity to underserved areas.


Mining operations occur in the most challenging of geographical areas.  Performant and reliable data connectivity is an important requirement to maintain communications and coordination between all the various mining departments. From reporting, emails, voice, data connectivity, as well as security, mining companies require fast, reliable & resistant communication infrastructure. The deployed technologies must be designed for harsh environments, unpredictable weather and extreme operating conditions


Delnet has installed and implemented two-way IP connectivity to several mining companies in North Luzon and Mindanao areas. Included in these projects is the supply and installation of leaky feeder cable for tunnel communications, which enable the users to communicate even inside the tunnel.


Mining companies operate in the country’s most remote locations, where telco coverage is not available. Delnet has deployed hundreds of satellite phones to mining companies in the Philippines for primary and back-up mobile communications.


Delnet has installed VSAT units in the biggest mining companies.  These VSat links enable primary IP connectivity, supporting dozens of employees working on-site


Nowhere is communications and connectivity more mission-critical than in the military.  Delnet supplies the Armed Forces of the Philippines with satellite phones for its day-to-day operations, providing nationwide access through a reliable and easy-to-use satellite service package.  From relaying battlefield reports in Marawi, to national disaster recovery requirements, to on-site briefings on the government’s COVID-19 pandemic response, thousands of Satphones have allowed ground personnel to connect to the local telephone network and other satellite devices globally, fast, and efficient.  


Delnet’s turnkey system that leads the way to unlimited coverage and unparalleled connectivity, with complete access to voice calls, data and SMS, has helped our brave and elite soldiers, our disaster relief staff and frontline workers  focus more on doing what they do best.

Oil & Gas

Feeding daily on a trillion-dollar global economy, the petroleum industry can be very volatile and unforgiving when disruptions along its supply chain arise, regardless of scale.  In the Philippines, Delnet continues to play its role in maintaining equilibrium and appeasing the local oil and gas behemoth market, by helping key industry players achieve operational excellence in the refining, transporting, and marketing of petroleum products.  


Recently, Delnet supplied, installed, and commissioned GMDSS radio communications, fleet broadband, and radar systems onboard the Big Three’s fleet of tankers and bulk carriers, which made navigation for these vessels safer, and their cargo secure.


With a growing number of both local and international maritime customers relying on Delnet for their fleets’ survey requirements and upkeep, we have partnered with major brands in the industry, and have acquired several certificates and accreditations from class societies and government agencies to be meet global maritime engineering standards.   Our service engineers come with licenses, certificates, and manufacturers’ training and accreditation to diligently attend to a vessels requirements for supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of communications and navigational equipment.

Testimony to this, is the commendation of a major shipping line of all its vessels to our care and maintenance, and the trust given by a Japanese shipbuilding company for the installation and commissioning of navigation and communications equipment for its shipyards in Subic and Cebu.

Oil & Gas
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We are dedicated to providing specialized communication solutions, even at the most remote locations.

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